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Why Law Optional

In order to guide the aspirants and to bring out their best we have broadly designed a strategy which comprises of the following:-


  • To prepare crisp, relevant and easy to understand notes exclusively for CSE. To write a good answer it is more important that you have conceptual clarity and you can reproduce what you have read. Judicial Examination notes are certainly not an option for CSE preparations, because the requirements of Judicial Service and CSE are distinctly different. 250 marks in 3 Hours is a unique challenge, which needs unique approach.


  • To help law candidates in developing a style of writing with maximum usage of flowcharts, diagrams, Point format answers and other interactive means and thereby to write beautiful answers – exactly what the CSE examiners love to see ! Our notes are meant to be innovative in these aspects and in the test series we shall focus exclusively on this aspect apart from contents.


  • As it is rightly said :- Mains is Writing, and writing is Mains”. What you study is of no use, if you fail to write a beautiful answer within those intensely stressful 3 hours. The solution is simple — joining a Test Series, which helps you to sweat in peace, so that you bleed less in War @ Mains. Hence our TARGET 300 Test Series ! Its not only about you writing answers and getting evaluated in a mechanical way. Its meant for comprehensive evaluation by the best men for the job, accessing the possibilities of modifying your style of writing and preparing you to take the bull by its horns. We are ready to do everything to enable you to write a beautiful answer.


  • To help candidates adopt a self study method and reduce the importance of Classroom coaching and its associated disadvantages.

Keeping these objectives in mind, we have meticulously crafted 5 programmes with the common aim “TARGET 300+ to suit the different requirements of the aspirants and help them to get ready for the Mains.

Each programme shall be customized for the candidates depending upon his/her preference and priority with a date wise planner, alongwith an individual mentor of high calibre.

Discipline in the key to success in CSE. Read, Think, Write and Repeat unless you reach your goal ! For Law Optional, we are here to be your guide, friend and teacher. 300 + in Law is possible and you can do it. 99% perspiration and 1 % inspiration is the recipe- our 1% is guaranteed, its upto you to ensure the remaining 99%. We assume that by taking the decision to write CSE, you are amongst the bravest and the best.

The freely accessible Sample Notes are meant to provide a glimpse as to what we intend to deliver. And the free evaluation initiative has been introduced so that you can get an idea as to how rigorous we shall be and expect you to be ! The relevant links are there on the homepage alongwith necessary details.

Hope to have you on board with us soon !

Your’s Truly,

Law Optional Team.