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Free Evaluation

Its important that before investing hard earned money one must understand whether a particular programme fulfils one’s expectations, requirements and whether at all it serves any purpose.
Your life and dreams are at stake, the choice should be conscientious!
Hence this Free Evaluation Initiative, wherein you can write a full length test or a part thereof by simply downloading our Test Booklet.
Your answers shall be evaluated by our experts to help you understand whether our test series and our standards of evaluation shall be the right choice for you in taking you to your goal of scoring 300+ in Law Optional.
Its simple! No registration required. But please provide your contacts numbers and E-Mail Id in the first page of the Test Booklet (We assure there shall be no marketing calls or breach of privacy).


1. Download the Test Booklet (Similar to the Booklet that you get in the Mains Examination) by clicking the link below and Take a print.
2. Write the answers – the best you can ! Be honest and follow the real-time examination protocols. Abide by the timeline.
3. Scan it by camscanner or in any other way and reduce the file size as much as you can.
4. Mail it to

We shall evaluate it, assess your preparedness and provide our feedbacks and send it back to you within 5 days.

Download Test Booklet 

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