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Daily Answer Writing

  • The Daily Answer Writing initiative is devised to encourage candidates to write one answer everyday.
  • The purpose shall be to develop the answer writing skill and strive for continuous improvement.
  • In our evaluation we shall provide a detailed feedback, our views on improvement and supplementary contents and at times, a short video from our Course Teacher to make the candidate understand where she/he stands. 
  • The topic of the questions shall be picked up according to the planner of our TARGET 300+ CRASH COURSE 
  • This initiative shall commence once again from 1st June, 2021.
  • Click the datewise links below and download the daily question/Answer Booklet.
  • Write the answer in a plain sheet of paper and mail a scanned copy OR you can also print our booklet and write your answer on it. Mail it to
  • Please write your name and E-Mail on the top of your answer. Also please write down the question in case you are not using the Answer Booklet.
  • The evaluated answer/feedback shall be mailed back within 2 days.
Download the daily question/answer booklet by clicking on the date wise links below.