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TARGET 300+ TEST SERIES (15 TESTS) -70 Days;


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20 Lessons

Sectional Test 01: Test Code CRS001

Answer Booklet CRS001

Sectional Test 02: Test Code CRS002

Sectional Test 03: Test Code CRS003

Sectional Test 04: Test Code CRS004

Sectional Test 05: Test Code CRS005

Sectional Test 06: Test Code CRS006

Sectional Test 07: Test Code CRS007

Full Length Test 01: Test Code CRSFL001

Full Length Test 02: Test Code CRSFL002

Full Length Test 03: Test Code CRSFL003

Full Length Test 04: Test Code CRSFL004

Full Length Test 05: Test Code CRSFL005

Full Length Test 06: Test Code CRSFL006

Full Length Test 07: Test Code CRSFL007

Full Length Test 08: Test Code CRSFL008

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CA FEB 2020

CA MAR 2020

CA APR 2020

CA MAY 2020


  • The Best and the most effect Test Series for UPSC Law Optional Paper
  • 15 Tests (7 topic wise and 8 Full Length) with evaluation within 5 days.
  • 1:1 Doubt clearing and interactive sessions with guidance on answer writing and continuous improvement.
  • Individual Mentor.
  • Fully customized course depending upon the date of subscription and the date of Mains examination. The Sectional Tests are of 150 Marks (1.5 Hours) whereas the full length tests are of 300 Marks (3 Hours). This variation from the actual pattern of Mains Papers has been intentionally done in order to enable the students to develop a habit of writing at least 2 more questions within 3 Hours and is a strategy to ensure effective time management and increase writing speed.

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