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Please go through the following paragraphs carefully to understand us better:-

While UPSC Annual Report suggests that Law is the subject with 2nd highest rate of success in Mains, thousands of aspirants are fearful about Law. We delved upon the reasons and our understanding suggests the following reasons:

  • Lack of “easy to understand” and “to the point” materials/notes exclusively created for CSE Mains.
  • Vast Syllabus and inability of the Candidates to go through standard textbooks and at the same time reproducing the relevant portions as per requirements of Mains Examination.
  • Less number of Law Candidates in Mains and hence no Test Series. 100-150 Candidates in Mains do not make any business sense for the existing institutes to run a test series.

Members of our team who wrote Mains, felt those voids, and then the idea of LAW OPTIONAL as a venture cropped up. And finally it took shape as a collaborative effort amongst National Law University Toppers having at least 7-8 years of experience in Litigation, Lawyers who wrote Mains during the last 1-5 years and for purely advisory roles – lawyers who are in the Services.
These factors make us one of the most competent set of people to guide you in the right direction. We are perhaps the best available for Law Optional Preparation!
You can explore the various links to find out more about our unique initiatives.
We shall be happy to guide you in this wonderful journey!



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